Retractable Box Awning

Sunray Awnings & Blinds


Soleia™ is the latest addition to the Sunray® awning range and is a stunning, premium retractable awning which is enclosed in a sleek, rounded storage box when not in use. Manufactured from the latest in robust, contemporary awning components, the Soleia is able to project up to a 4 metre maximum for shading large outdoor areas as needed. 

A combination of premium fabrics, strong, cast end connections and arm supports are used for the Soleia awning, for a long lasting and dependable shading solution in your outdoor.   Finished in a rounded rectangular shape, the awning storage box is powder coated in a colour of your choice and additional soft-seals on the back plate provide additional weather protection.  Fully enclosed in the storage box, the Soleia is protected from the elements and ready for use when shade is required with a touch of the remote button.  


Stay in the Shade

Awning fabrics are 100% acrylic and will withstand wind, rain and pollution. Water repellent and Scotchgard™ protected, the semi-translucent fabrics will allow filtered light and air through, while still providing moisture protection. The fabrics are colour durable and resistant to most common chemicals, mildew and UV degradation.

Soleia Awning premium folding arm awning with matching storage box

Soleia Premium Retractable Box Awning