Bannette™ Drop Arm Awnings

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Drop Arm Awning

Bannette™ Drop Arm awnings are ideal for small window and balcony applications, where internal shade and sun protection are the main requirements. Combine Drop Arm Awnings with Folding Arm Awnings, or Custom Roller Blinds, for a complete shading solution for your home.  The factory assembled arms are sprung to provide even tension on the fabric.

Like the Deauville™, the Bannette™ Drop Arm is controlled by a gearbox and removable crank handle but is easily motorised. Bannette™ Drop Arm Awnings are custom made in a wide range of acrylic awning fabrics and colour finishes, as per your requirements.



Banette Awning 4 lr

Bannette™ Drop Arm Awnings open and shading the individual windows from the strong NZ sun

Drop Arm awnings retracted2

Bannette™ Drop Arm Awnings - retracted

Drop Arm awnings nearly all opened

Bannette™ Drop Arm Awnings - open and shading the house