Deauville™ Retractable Awning

Sunray Awnings & Blinds


Traditional retractable awnings are ideal for changeable climatic conditions, offering full protection from the hot summer sun and keeping you dry during unexpected rainfall - although not waterproof the awnings are water repellant. The Deauville™ awning system is custom made from high quality European folding arm technology, hardware and fabrics. The folding arm springs are factory set, providing even tension for the fabric and to absorb movement when windy. The standard product is controlled by a gearbox and removable crank handle, but can be motorised and operated by a remote control.

An optional Nice® Volo® wind sensor can be fitted to detect when winds are high and the awning will automatically retract. The Deauville™ retractable awning has been especially designed for both small and medium sized terraces and is the perfect choice for homes, shopfronts or restaurants.

Stay in the Shade

Awning fabrics are 100% acrylic and will withstand wind, rain and pollution. Water repellent and Scotchgard™ protected, the semi-translucent fabrics will allow filtered light and air through, while still providing moisture protection. The fabrics are colour durable and resistant to most common chemicals, mildew and UV degradation.

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Deauville™ Retractable Awning for summer shade

Deauville and Drop Arm2

Deauville Awning™ on the main veranda


Nice Volo® Wind sensors for motorised Deauville™ Arm Awnings.

Swella fabric with sun sunning through

Semi-translucent Acrylic Awning Fabrics