Soleia™ Premium Retractable Awning

Soleia™ Soleia™ is the latest addition to the Sunray® awning range and is a stunning, premium retractable awning which is enclosed in a sleek, rounded storage box when not in use. Manufactured from the latest in... more

Minimum Width: 2510mm Maximum Width: 5920mm Projection: 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm 3500mm 4000mm Aluminium: Extruded 78mm Rolling Axle Front Profile and Outer Box powder coated; Fixing Options: Wall Mount  Ceiling Mount Arm... more

Felicia™ Cassette Awning

Felicia™ The Felicia™ is an exceptional retractable awning system which, when fully retracted, encloses the awning arms and fabric inside a cassette, protecting the working mechanisms, fabric and any automation electronics.  This compact design gives... more

Minimum Width: 1820mm Maximum Width: 5920mm Projection: 1500mm  2000mm 2500mm 3000mm 3500mm Aluminium: Custom powder-coated to specifications Fixing Options: Face  Ceiling Mount Arm Hardware: Imported European Arms Fixing Components: Stainless... more

Deauville™ Awning

Deauville™ Traditional retractable awnings are ideal for changeable climatic conditions, offering full protection from the hot summer sun and keeping you dry during unexpected rainfall - although not waterproof the awnings are water repellant. The Deauville™... more

Minimum Width: 1946mm Maximum Width: 5920mm Projection: 1500mm 2000mm 2500mm 3000mm Aluminium: Extruded 78mm Rolling Axle Front and Back Profiles; Natural Anodised Finish Fixing Options: Face  Ceiling Mount Arm Hardware: Imported European... more

Edge® Fixed Canopy Awning

Designed to offer shelter over entranceways, the Edge® Fixed Canopy Awning combines stylish good looks and a high quality finish to offer cover from the weather.  The high quality aluminium arms are custom... more

Minimum Projection: 500mm Maximum Projection: 4500mm per unit Aluminium: Custom powder coated to specifications Hardware: Aluminium arms & connection plates End Caps - Aluminium Infill: Toughened Glass -... more

Solarzip® Drop Down Awning

Solarzip® is a vertical awning system that is able to shelter large areas from the wind and sun, whilst retaining your view and access to natural light. Solarzip® awnings will transform covered pergolas, decks and verandas into extended... more

Minimum Width: 500mm Maximum Width: 4000mm Max Drop: 3000mm Aluminium: Extruded 78mm Rolling Axle. Bottom Rail; Powder coated Side Guides; Powder coated Fixing Options: Face  Ceiling Mount... more

Bannette™ Drop Down & Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Down Awning Bannette™ Drop Down Awnings are ideal for a range of commercial or residential situations. They create additional outside space, without the need to erect a permanent structure, increasing the use of... more

Minimum Width: 500mm Maximum Width: 4000mm Maximum Drop: 3000mm Aluminium: Extruded 78mm Rolling Axle Bottom Profile; 32mm Tube Fixing Options: Face  Ceiling Mount Arm Hardware: Imported European Arms Natural Anodised... more

Drop Arm Awning Bannette™ Drop Arm awnings are ideal for small window and balcony applications, where internal shade and sun protection are the main requirements. Combine Drop Arm Awnings with Folding Arm Awnings, or... more

Minimum Width: 500mm Maximum Width: 5000mm Projection: 1000mm and 1500mm Aluminium: Extruded 78mm Rolling Axle Front Profile; Natural Anodised Finish Fixing Options: Face  Ceiling Mount Arm Hardware: Imported European Arms;... more

Roller Blinds

Sunray® Roller Blinds are a stylish and practical window treatment solution especiallly developed to cope with the NZ environment. Made from top quality aluminium fitings with a 5 year guarantee, Sunray® blinds are manufactured... more

Roller Tube. Top quality, robust aluminium roller tubes provide the foundation for these high quality Sunray® Roller Blinds.  Extra heavy-duty extruded aluminium tubes enable larger blinds to be made with no discernable sagging, which... more


Acrylic Awning Fabrics Our awning fabrics are sourced from only the very best suppliers in NZ, backed up by great advice from experienced Sunray® dealers.  Hi-tech acrylic awning fabrics, in a great range of... more


Sunray® warrants that all Sunray products comply with the requirements of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993; specifically that products supplied by Sunray will be free from manufacturing defects under normal use.  Sunray products come with... more


Nice™ tubular electric motors, remote controls and wind sensors combine design and ergonomic functionality to increase your comfort and safety. The motors fit discreetly inside the rolling axle to control your awning or roller blind... more